Passive Revenue Streams for Artists

An audio guide to help you leverage the artwork you’ve already created to make income on autopilot.

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Sometimes you wish you could just quietly make art and not worry about

constantly posting on social media, and recording your process, and emailing your list, and pinning on Pinterest, and answering customer emails, and running to the post office, and updating your shop, and getting ready for a fair and … and … and!

You never imagined that making money from your art would leave you with little time to actually make said art. 

To say that you’re tired of doing all of the things is an understatement.

You desperately want to slow your roll and take a break, but you have bills to pay. You know that if you don’t make that new collection and share it on Insta, then you don’t earn.

You know something needs to change.

You want to get back to:

Spending more time creating the art you love

Have more time for yourself or your family

Not spending all your time on social media


You have a sneaking suspicion that maybe there are ways to earn money from your art that don't take up all of your time and energy.

What if I told you there was a gentler more sustainable way to sell your art?

 One that didn’t leave you feeling constantly burnt out, and gave you the space to unsubscribe from the hustle culture.

Introducing Passive Revenue Streams for Artists

Don’t worry, this isn’t another long-winded course, I promise!

This is a short audio guide to help you explore 7 different ways you can make money from your art by leveraging the power of partnerships and collaborations. So that you can spend more time focusing on what matters most.

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Hi, I'm Patricia Vargas

The artist behind Parima Studio and I have been selling art prints of my digital art for over 10 years. Alongside selling my art online, I have built up several passive revenue streams, and now I’m sharing what I have learned with you.

The types of revenue streams you'll hear about are:

Licensing your art for retail products like home decor, stationery, and fine art prints

Dropshipping prints so you can make money even while you're away from the studio


Partnering with print galleries


Selling on third party print-on-demand sites.

Getting your art into movies, TV shows, and commercials

Using print-on-demand for your own shop

Getting your art into luxury hotels, corporate offices, high-end residential buildings by working with art consultants

These are all methods that I have used in my own business, and I know that they could potentially help you:

Make an additional $5k, $10k, $20k or more per year in the background*

Reduce your work hours and spend more time with your family


Take time off fully paid

Reduce your reliance on social media

Release the pressure of having to constantly create new art

Explore your craft at a leisurely pace

Expand your art’s global reach

Create sustainable growth

* I cannot guarantee these amounts, but as someone who makes more than that passively, I can tell you it is possible. It just takes finding the streams that best work for you and time. It will take some time to get to the higher numbers, but this audio guide is the first step to get you there. 

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What's inside Passive Revenue Streams for Artists

There are 8 episodes total: one intro that lays out the foundation + seven episodes each dedicated to a single revenue stream.

The guide is broken down into two sections: 100% passive and semi-passive so you can find the model that works best for you. 

Each audio is between 11-30 minutes long and you can listen to it on the go or while you’re in the studio. You can start with just the ones that sound most interesting to you or binge them all! You’ll have access to the audio for the lifetime of the offer.

This is not a definitive how-to step-by-step guide. It’s more of a detailed overview of each revenue stream. Giving you an in depth look at each revenue stream so you can decide which ones are right for you. 


For each episode, you'll:

Learn how the revenue stream works in detail and how you get paid.

Gain insights from my personal experience, including the pros and cons of each stream.


Learn practical tips on getting started with building additional income today.


Transcripts are included for each audio in case you rather read or would like to quickly reference back to anything you heard. Any links or resources mentioned are conveniently listed in each episode.

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